Inquiry about farfield2d

Hello, I`m chunho @ south korea.

I want to know the Theoretical background when calculating farfield from fields known in surface in lumerical FDTD.
In Support page, There is a reference written from Taflove, but the book does not contain the equation how to get farfield radiating pattern(Er, Etheta, Ephi) from a fields known in a surface(e.g. Ex, Ey, Ez in a x-y plane).

Does anyone have another reference about this near-to-farfield transformation?

Thanks in advance.


Allen Taflove, Computational Electromagnetics: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method. Boston: Artech House, (2005).

Chapter 8 of this book should give you some idea on the basic principle of the Far Field Projection toolbox. If you would to know more about that, there is a list of references at the end of this chapter which you can probably learn more from it.