Inherit root element properties from subsub-components



Is there a way to inherit properties of root element from subsub-components. Using [%%] in “expression” can only inherit those from one hierarchy above.

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Hi @zqlu,

Using [%%] in “expression” works on my end in multi-layer compounds to inherit properties of root element. Do you have a specific example that I can test? Thank you.


Hi Chris,

We did another test and indeed the children element can only inherit properties from its direct parent. I happened to to use ‘bitrate’ as the test in the first time and it worked for multi-layer components since it is a defined property in all the compound elements. Said that, you can consider to pass the property layer by layer to the level of elements you want to do the inherit. This is a bit troublesome but rather safer since you can change the values of the property while you pass it down and inherit only form the direct parent level avoid the conflicts (e.g., in the grand-parent level, the ‘bitrate’ is as defined, and in the parent level, the ‘bitrate’ is set to be 2*%bitrate% in the ‘expression’, then at the children level, the %bitrate% takes the value of its parent, which is 2* of the value shown in the grand-parent level).

I hope this makes sense.


Hi Guanhui,

Thank you for looking into this.

I was going to improve the computation efficiency of our MC simulation, in which now the MC variations properties (e.g., 1000x1000 matrices) need to be inherited from parent to children, layer by layer. So, if there is a way to inherit directly from root, things would improve quite a bit.

Yesterday, I tested a 4x4 switch matrix (including 30 components in multiple layers) and the speed was terrible…


Hi Chris,

This makes sense… I will talk to the developers and see what we can do about this. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.