In MODE module, how to export the data for neff vs. wavelength by using program script to txt. file?


In Mode, I understand that can export the frequency data to txt file. Kindly a look on below figure:-

(1) But, my question. How to export the neff, loss, gain & so on vs. wavelength by using program script to txt file?? (not excel - typo error in figure below). Please show to the example program script. (refer the below figures)



(2) If my data testing analyte index is water (n.133) or more? How to define the “near n”? How to assume the value? (refer the below figure)

(3) Is it below figure refer to TE Mode?? From my understanding, the mode structure (diagram) is TE Mode. Please advice me whether it’s TE mode or TM mode?

Hope to receive your feedback as soon as possible. Please guide.

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Hi @kalaivani.tarumaraja
For your first question.You have to write a python script. In Lumerical’s knowledge base there are some commands. You can click here for FDE Solver Measurements and here for details about how to import/export data to various file formats. You can combine these commands and export the .txt file.

I hope it helps!

Hi @kalaivani.tarumaraja,

There is a way to save the data using script. After you ran the frequency sweep, all the calculated data will be stored in the object ‘frequencysweep’ (FDE::data::frequencysweep). Then you can read the data out from there by using the ‘getresult’ command and save it to a text file by using the ‘write’ command. But you have to do this for each of the individual results. Following is an example for the result ‘neff’:

?neff = getresult(“FDE::data::frequencysweep”, “neff”);
write(“text.txt”, num2str(neff));

I hope this could help :slight_smile: