Importing np density data into MODE Solutions from script

Hi, absolutely it’s convenient to import charge density to MODE by charge monitor.

I am curious how to utilize script to extract np concentration, and import by (n,k) material ?

The .mat file containing the np density data from the charge monitor is automatically created after you run the DEVICE simulation.

You can then use the “addgridattribute” script command to add an np density grid attribute and the “importdataset” script command to import the data from DEVICE into the np density grid attribute in MODE Solutions.

More information on these script commands is here:

This is the most straightforward method to set up an object where the refractive index of the material is perturbed by carrier concentration, however an alternative method is to set up an (n,k) import object instead, and this is done in the WgImport.lms example file from here, where the filename of the data exported from DEVICE is used as an input property in the structure group: