Import your doping profile from .mat file in DEVICE



If you have a doping profile saved in a .mat format and the doping data is saved on a rectangular grid where the grid is given by three matrices, x (Px1), y (Qx1), and z (Rx1) and the doping is given by another matrix N (PxQxR) then you can easily load the .mat file into an import doping object from the user interface.

If you want to load it from script, then you need to do some extra steps to combine the matrices into a rectilinear dataset. Use the following script commands,

## load the matlab file

## create the dataset
doping = rectilineardataset(x,y,z); # initialize dataset with x,y,z
doping.addparameter(“a”,0); # add a dummy parameter
doping.addattribute(“N”,N); # add doping as a attribute

## load the dataset into an importdoping object
importdataset(doping); # load the dataset into the import doping object
set(“dopant type”,“n”); # set the dopant type

Silicon doping을 할 때, doping data import 방법
import the ion implantation distribution data into device
Model with imported doping by script can not be run

Can you provide a sample data file so we know the exact format?



The .mat file should have three vectors x, y, and z with dimensions Ax1, Bx1, and Cx1 (for the coordinate data) and a 3D matrix for the doping data called N with dimension AxBxC.

For a sample see the script in this KX post: How to add a constant radial doping profile in DEVICE.