How to use script to write the bandwith of a microring filter to a text file?


When I use Interconnect to design microring filter, how can I use a script to print and write the values of 0.5 dB bandwidth, 1 dB bandwidth and 3 dB bandwidth into a text file?
I don’t want to run the program three time and change the fwhm excursion manually. Thank you.


Hi @ahan,

You could run the simulation once and have all the bandwidths saved into a text file. Use the online Coupled ring resonator filters example file optics_letters_vol26_n_12_jun2001_917_fig2_N3.icp (305.3 KB) as an example, run the simulation and all the information could be read out from the gain curve measured by the Optical Network Analyzer. The script file text_write.lsf (884 Bytes) could be used as a start point to save the bandwidths you want to a text file bandwidth.txt (81 Bytes).

Several useful script commands used in the script file: