How to sweep a variable defined in "model" or "structure group" in a parameter sweep



Often we use variables in the “model” object or in a “structure group” to parametrize the geometry. When running a parameter sweep from the “optimization and sweep” window, the values of these variable can be varied very easily to change the geometry (for example while sweeping the thickness of a certain layer).

In the property editor of the sweep object, the parameter window can be used to select any parameter (variable) that belongs inside the objects tree. For example, if there is a variable named “distance” defined in the “model” object to set the distance between particles in an array, in can be selected from the “parameter” window of the sweep as shown in the screenshot

The same approach can be used to select any variable defined in a structure group where the variable will show up in the properties of the structure group while selecting a parameter in the sweep objects property editor.

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