How to simulate Triplex Si3N4/SiO2 waveguide


How to simulate Triplex Si3N4/SiO2 waveguide based on the geometry (box-shaped, double strip) specified in the following link:


Hi, @sghetmir !

I think it is quite the same as the waveguides of traditional cross-sections.
What specifically you are interested in?


I could not find an instruction in Lumerical how to define the geometry of BOX-shaped and double strip waveguide. I did not find such structures in the “structures” tab of the MODE solution.
Would you please help me by showing step-by-step defining of the geometry for those two waveguides?

There is a pdf file in the following link:

In figure 2, it shows the dimensions. I tried to define the structure and geometry, but I believe I need help.


There is no this type of structure built-in, as the most others.
However, Lumerical allows you to construct your own from simpler ones.
I think you can try the polygon structure to define profiles of the constituent waveguide parts.
For this, you should provide vertice coordinates and extrude the structure if neccessary.
For constituents that needs many vertices, such as curved edges, you can use scripting.
As an example of scripting, see Waveguide Bend - How to create different Shapes (Sin,Cos, ...) ?

Start with some simple profiles and give feedback on what you will obtain.