how to show the result of DEVICE in matlab and tecplot

how could i show the cloud chart in MATLAB or TECPLOT.
when i tried to show the cloud chart in MATLAB, i could not find the points of x-coordinate and y-coordinate.
when i tried to show the cloud chart in TECPLOT, i could not find the command.
when i export the data by .txt, but i do not know how to deal with it, because i cannot understand the arrangement mode of data.
please help me solve the problem.

Hi. DEVICE uses a finite element grid to solve for and to store the data. So the form of the saved data is different from what you would see in a rectilinear case. This is why, in most cases you will not be able to simply import the data and plot with other tools. Similarly, when you look at the data on a text file, it is hard to make sense of it.

The easiest solution is to first use interpolation to save the finite element data in a rectilinear grid. You can then export it to other software for plotting or post processing. The interpolation can be done using the script environment in DEVICE. Take a look at this KX post to learn about how to do this interpolation Interpolate finite element data onto a rectilinear grid.