How to setup a structure of a large sphere evenly coated by small spherical particles

Dear all, I want to examine the scattering efficiency of the structure of particles evenly coated on a large sphere. But I fail to setup the model by simply assemble the preset structures. So could anyone give me some clue or example. Thanks.a lot.

Hi @yanghuan0704

We have different resources to build a structure. A good place to look for some advanced structure is from components tab. I think you should find some designs close to what you want from Photonic crystals section.

Generally speaking, for advanced structures, we recommend you to build the structure from script. For simple examples, please see the links below:

If you can provide me with the schematic, I can provide you with more details on how to set your structure.


Thank you for your reply. A schematic of the structure has been attached below. please me provide me some guideline of the script to create the model. Thanks again.

Dear @yanghuan0704

Thank you very much for providing me with the image.

I have attached one of my old simulation file for your review:

structure group.fsp (266.9 KB)

In the file, I used a structure group to define a rectangle and a disk. As you can see, once, for example, you change the value for gap, distance between fiber taper and diamond waveguide will vary.

In your case you need to define a big sphere (with radius of R). Then you can define smaller spheres (radius of r) positioned on the big sphere using spherical coordinates as is explained in this page:

If you are new to Lumerical scripting language, I encourage you to visit the links below:

Please go ahead with preparing simulation file and let me know if you had any questions.