How to set up KLayout-INTERCONNECT integration

INTERCONNET provides the opportunity to co-design with KLayout for Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) design/simulation. This co-design is layout driven and initiates from KLyaout. Thanks to professor Lukas Chrostowski (@lukasc ) for developing the integration.

This post shows the set up steps for the KLayout-INTERCONNECT integration. All the detailed information are posted on the original GitHub page.

Installation instruction

Installation instructions – for KLayout:

  • Download the latest release: Source code (zip) of the SiEPIC_EBeam_PDK

  • Install KLayout version 0.24.3 or higher

  • Unzip the PDK

  • Copy the files from the klayout_dot_config folder (from the zip file) into the KLayout configuration folder:

    • On Linux and OSX, this is $HOME/.klayout`

    • On OSX, open the program Terminal.App`

    • assuming you downloaded the, type in: cp -r $HOME/Downloads/SiEPIC_EBeam_PDK- master/klayout_dot_config/* $HOME/.klayout/`

    • On windows systems, the KLayout configuration folder can be found under C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\KLayout`

  • Start KLayout
    You should:

    • get a message (default layer properties file is not configured).

    • see a top-level menu called “SiEPIC”

Installation instructions – for INTERCONNECT:

  • To take advantage of the circuit simulations from layout capability, you need Lumerical INTERCONNECT (version v5.5.758 or later) and then need to install the EBeam Compact Model Library (CML).

  • Install the latest version of the CML (e.g., ebeam_v1.2_2016_01_15.cml) found in the folder “Lumerical_EBeam_CML”:

    • Open the INTERCONNECT program, and find the “Element Library” window.`

    • Right-click on the “Design kits” folder (at the bottom of the “Elements”) and select “Install”.`

    • Select the E-beam CML file for the “Compact Model Library Package”`

    • Set the “Destination Folder” (any folder on your computer), and then click “OK”.`

    • Now the elements should be available in a new “ebeam_v1.2” folder in “Design kits”.`

  • To use the E-beam elements, simply drag and drop the elements into the schematic editor.

For the detailed information on how to create and use compact model libraries, please watch the video Compact Model Library Creation.
For more information on the EPDA design, please watch the video The EPDA Ecosystem.


Hi @gwang
I have just received the activation code for INTERCONNECT-KLayout Interoperability License . But i would like to know how to install this license. I have installed KLayout in my computer. Should i install a software from Lumerical ? Or the only thing i have to do is to open “Lumerical’s configure license” window in my computer and just write the activation code ?

Hi @konslekk,

You just need to configure the license in the license manager. On the KLayout side, please refer to the post to configure the add-on. Let me know if you have any problems on doing the setups.

Lukas made a very nice video showing the configuration steps, please take a look:


Dear @gwang,
I just got my interoperability license. I have a problem in the KLayout. In the SIEPIC menu, I do not have an option called ‘SiEPIC configure short cut keys’ as supposed to be.

Another thing is that I cannot insert any component from the ‘instance’ button above!! I choose instance, Siepic EBeam.gds library, ebeam_gc_te1550.

Can you help me with that.

Hi @omnia.nawwar,

It seems like you are using an older version of the config file. Please try to re-configure the installation with the latest files and let me know if you can still see the same problem.

I am using SiEPIC PDK 0.1.40, which is the latest PDK.
The link on Github is
If this are not the latest config files, can you provide a link to the latest files?


Please make sure to follow the instructions provided here carefully

Especially this part:
Copy the files from the klayout_dot_config folder (from the zip file) into your KLayout configuration folder:
On windows systems, the KLayout configuration folder can be found under C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\KLayout. Note: this should place the files in what KLayout’s Macro editor calls [Local]; files should not go in [Global], which on Windows is the application’s installation path, i.e., don’t put them in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\KLayout (64bit)

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I have installed the latest version of KLayout and also the lumerical interconnnect I am following the steps for KLayout integration with Lumerical interconnect as defined by Lukas in the video.

I got the new menu of SiEPIC 0.3.16.
It has the option to Simulation --> Setup Lumerical Interconnect compact Model Library–> but when I run that it says


How can I install the Windows_Python_packages_for_KLayout.

I have installed the latest verion of Python on my computer. I am using Windows Operation System.

Hi @la5w7,

This message indicates that you are lacking the Python packageNumpy. You can install it using yum and the dependency will be automatically installed. Try the following commands:

sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum install python-pip
sudo pip install numpy

The error message should go away with numpy properly installed.
Let me know if you have further problems.

@gwang Where do I write these commands? I have installed the Python 3.6.4 64bit version that I downloaded from the

I have pip installed the numpy. As I am using the Windows operating system.I think these commands are for Lunix?

I have also downloaded the most recent version of the EBeam V2018_01_14 in Lumerical Interconnect and SiEPIC 0.3.16 in KLayout.

From where I can find the Lumerical Python integration?or as the picture says Windows_Python_packages_for_KLayout.

Liaquat Ali

Hi @la5w7,

The commands are for Linux. Please give this a try:

Install the package from Package manager. And let me know what you see as the result.

I first uninstalled the Klayout then installed it again and follow the way as told in

I went to tools --> Manage Packages, --> installed the packages siepic_tools_0.3.18 and also siepic_ebeam_pdk 0.3.5

I have already installed Python and Numpy library on my computer.

  1. Do I need to install the windows_python_package_for_kKlapout also ??

I run all the command line prompt which starts with mlink

I get this error when I first try to run SiEPIC 0.3.16 --> SImulation --> Setup Lumerical Interconnect Compact Model Library

Hi @la5w7,

I will move this topic to GitHub to see how Lukas comments on this. Thank you for your patience.

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Hi @la5w7,

Here is what Lukas replied on GitHub:

"Yes, windows_python_package_for_KLayout is required for windows users. It isn’t easy to get KLayout to use separately a installed Python installation (it would need to be exactly the same version as the one which the software was compiled with).

The mklink commands are only for developers. For end users, the only requirement is KLayout 0.25, and SiEPIC-tools 0.3.22, and the windows packages."

Hope this helps.

Hi @gwang ,
I when I tried to use K layout-Interconnect integration, I am getting an error message as " The license for this feature cannot be found". Do I need a separate license for this?
I am able to use Interconnect, but this function is not working.
Please help me.

Hi @devika.padmakumar-na,

I believe you do need an extra license for INTERCONNECT-KLayout integration. Please contact to request for trials or make purchase.