How to set EMEport parameters in lsf script


I am writing an lsf script to run an EME solver in Mode solutions. So far, I haven’t found a way to set the position or mode of a given EMEport from the script. The EMEports are a sub group of the EME solver; I can only set the parameters that pertain to the EME solver and not those of the ports. How can I access/set the EMEport parameters with a script command?

How to set searching index in EME by scripting?

Hi, did you try using the setnamed command? It will print the available parameters to set. The "::"s are defining the hierarchy.



An additional note that I wanted to add is that for EME port objects in particular, the “use full simulation span” option is on by default so if you try to change the span of the port to something different from the full span of the simulation region it won’t take effect until you first turn off the “use full simulation span” option. You could do this from the script too, for example:
setnamed("EME::Ports::port_1","use full simulation span",0);


Great, thanks so much!