How to run FlexLM using lmgrd instead of lmadmin?

Using lmgrd on Linux.

For Windows see: Using FlexLM's LMTOOLS on Windows


  • Requires Floating Certificate Based license (a license file)
  • Uses FlexNet license manager version 11.14 and higher.
  • Recommended for managing multiple licenses from different vendors using 1 or several FlexNet license managers on 1 license server machine.
  • This process uses the command line version of FlexLM, lmgrd rather than the graphical version, lmadmin.

Install FlexNet license manager

Next steps

  1. Edit the license file according to your machine’s HostName, license manager and LUMERICL daemon ports to be used, (the example below shows the default ports used)

    SERVER HostName EE0022446688 27011
    VENDOR LUMERICL port=42128
  2. Ensure that the license manager lmadmin is not configured to run on startup and is not currently running.

    sudo service lumlmadmin stop
    sudo chkconfig --del lumlmadmin
    chkconfig --list lumlmadmin
  3. Copy the license file to your licenses folder and change to the appropriate ownership. (default location and ownership shown)

    sudo cp /{path}/licensefile.lic /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/licenses/LUMERICL/
    sudo chown lumlmadmin /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/licenses/LUMERICL/licensefile.lic


    • Recommended when activating upcoming licenses or multiple license files.
    • Shutdown the lmgrd first and rerun lmgrd to read the new license file.
    • The command below will start FlexLM and read all the license files on the specified folder and enable all active licenses in the said location/folder. This will require root access if using the default installation process where FlexLM is installed in ‘/opt’ folder. And a log file will be created with the -log option.
      sudo /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/lmgrd -c /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/licenses/LUMERICL -log ./logs/lumlmgrd.log
  4. Check the license manager and license status using lmutil.

    ./lmutil lmstat -i -c 27011@localhost


    ./lmutil lmstat -i -c ./licenses/LUMERICL/
  5. Shutting down the license manager with the associated license file or vendor daemon.

    ./lmutil lmdown -c ./licenses/LUMERICL/
    ./lmutil lmdown -vendor LUMERICL
    ./lmutil lmdown -vendor LUMERICL -all