How to run FDTD 2017a on cluster


For 2016a, we submit job by this script file:

module load mpi
module load lumerical/2016.a
ulimit -s unlimited
mpirun fdtd-engine-ompi-lcl sweep_1.fsp > temp.log

But for 2017a, if I simply change the version number:

module load lumerical/8.17.1057

‘fdtd-engine-ompi-lcl’ does not work any more. Thanks!


Did the Cluster Administrator provide you with the new script to use for the 2017 version? Please check if you are using the correct module name to launch the latest version of FDTD Solutions in your cluster.

module load lumerical/2016.a
module load lumerical/8.17.1057

Otherwise, if this is what your cluster administrator provided, can you send us the screenshot of the error or the full error text dumped from your workstation?

Hi lyap,

Our Cluster Administrator did not reply yet. The log file is attached below. Thanks!

It seems that there are missing libraries on your system. You might have to ask your Cluster Admin to install these missing libraries.