How to resolve error: “A conductor was found with no specified contact properties”


I am simulating a Mach-Zehnder modulator in DEVICE. When I try to run it, the solver generates a mesh but does not run the simulation and gives an error message that says: “A conductor was found with no specified contact properties.” I have placed two metal contacts named anode and cathode in my modulator, however, I’m still getting this error. I have attached the DEVICE file.

pin_mz.ldev (2.6 MB)

"Engine error" in simulation with custom semiconductor material

Hi @tecklee. The solver is generating that particular error because you do not have any electrical contacts in your file. In the DEVICE CHARGE solver, each metal region (contact) needs to be assigned to an electrical contact (boundary condition). The electrical contact boundary conditions are used to assign bias voltages to your metal regions. In the attached screenshot, you can see that I have created two electrical contacts in the ‘Boundary Conditions’ window; available at the bottom of the UI. I have named them anode and cathode, and have assigned them to the corresponding metal regions. You can also see that I have used the edit button to assign a voltage sweep to the ‘anode’ electrical contact.

Error: A conductor was found with no specified contact properties
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