How to replicate correct result from paper?


I am trying to simulate the green OLED as describe in the paper (the link is below), but the result I got show nothing like that. Below is the link of paper, the structure described in paper, and my simulation file. I hope someone can show what wrong with my simulation. Thank you.

Green_OLED.fsp (273.1 KB)

The expected spectrum should look like the picture below.


Hi @Tuvovan

There are few things to consider in your simulations:

  1. Does the result include the glass layer? In most of the plots, the results with and without microlens is mentioned and I think this means that you need to add top glass layer as well.
  2. Check the material index and make sure that they match the paper.
  3. Refine the mesh and place dipole within Alq layer such that dipole area, indicated by white box around it, is completely placed with one single material.
  4. If you have access to stackpurcell commands (you need a separate license for it), please double check the calculations and compare if with theoretical results. This will show you if the current geometry and material index can predict the expected results.

The link below and attachments might be also useful for your review:

Replicate spectrum of white OLED in "Optimize Your OLED/LED in One Second" lecture