How to plot the exactly transmission

Hi all !
I am trying simulate the below model from the nature photonic( Complete optical isolation created by indirect interband photonic transitions

one of my research group could plot the result that is same as the paper by meep software ,but now I want to simulate it (by Lumerical FDTD) through plot the transmission comfirm the result as paper say.Unfortunately,I can not get the exactly result no matter how I try .
Specifically,one light about f1=193THz(w1=0.6468(2pic/a)) will propagate the region that is a permittivity variation in time and sptial ε(x,t)=ε(max)cos⁡(ωt-(-qx)),and then it will only get the light about f2=266Thz(w2=0.8879(2pic/a)),that is the w1 completely converted to w2.Since the Lumerical FDTD can’t implement the spatial variation in the plugin material,we will revise the permittivity variation as ε(t)=ε(max)cos⁡(ωt),and then the f2=296THz(w2=0.9884(2pic/a)),that is w1 completely(or partially) converted to w2(296Thz).I attached my transmission result below.

As shown in the picture,the w2(296THz ) value of the vertical axis is much more greater than 1,and appeared other new frequency(for example 238 THz ) that is not I want.Now attached the source file about the plugin and the simulation .fsp file
(timespatial.h).txt (1.2 KB)
(timespatial.cpp).txt (1.4 KB)
Complete optical isolation.fsp (298.8 KB)
My result is different from paper result ,why?
Thanks for any hlep!

It looks like you have been helped in Chinese language (为什么mode source 的发射持续时间的长短会比较显著的影响频谱). I will encourage you to continue the conversation there. Thank you!