How to plot structure outline into E-field image plot with an offset?



The online object library in FDTD offers a tool that allows the user to superimpose a structure outline on E-filed image plots:

This tools is using 3D monitors to record the E-field data, which gives the user many possibilities how to post process the data and display them. Nevertheless, it also comes with two disadvantages:

  1. 3D monitors collect large volumes of data
  2. Analysis script modification is required in order to create an offset between the E-filed slice of data and the outline slice of data

The attached simulation and script file provide a simplified version of this tool that is utilizing only two 2D monitors to record the E-fields and the index data for structure outline calculation. The script then plots the superimposed image. In this way, the offset between the structure outline and the E-fields can be simply controlled by manually adjusting the position of the monitors in the simulation region. Additionally, the 2D monitors also record less data which can be useful for larger simulations or simulations with very fine mesh.

usr_make_outine_FDTD with Offset.fsp (559.8 KB)Efield with offset outline.lsf (1.6 KB)

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