How to organize and view the detailed basic information of the compact models?



There is a script command called “exporthtml” that can be used to export the detailed element information to an html file. The information includes “Ports”, “Properties”, “Thermal”, “Script” and so on. This command can be used to all the elements in the Element Library, but it is especially useful for the compact models. The generated html files can be used as user guides for the elements.
To generate the html file, simply follow the two steps:

  1. Drag and drop the element to the Schematic Editor window.
  2. In the Script Prompt window, type in the following command

The html file will be saved to the current working directory.
The “phase_shifter.pdf” is an example of a phase shifter compact model, converted from html format to pdf format.

phase_shifter.pdf (96.3 KB)