how to model bifacial irradiation for solar cells using FDTD?


I am going to do FDTD simulations in bifacial irradiation mode, which is the case of some solar cells like building-integrated PV (BIPV), back-contact back-junction solar cells.
For calculation of the generation rate of front-side irradiation , I can use plane wave with solar spectrum. However, I don’t know how to model the light irradiation from the backside of the cell. Could you please help me to have the appropriate assumption for backside irradiation?


I am not super familiar with the term “bifacial irradiation”. But if your question is about simulation with excitation from a lossless substrate, you can simply place the source in the substrate, like this example. If the substrate is lossy, we will need to figure out a way to account for the loss. Let’s see which is your case.

thanks for reply it was very helpful

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