how to make the structure

I have the radius vs index difference data I want to import the data into lumerical mode to create fiber structure and the structure is using for single wavelength. kindly let me how to make using the data.
thanks in advance

Hi, do you think this KB page contains the answer for your question?

hi Kchow the KB page example is attached first creates circle with fixed radius with constant refractive index. Anyhow I am attaching the similar kind of example from optifiber

kindly let me your comments on this

with many thanks

Hi Nanda,

I did not get a chance to thoroughly look at that link. So is the radius of your fiber varying along the optical axis? and the index of the fiber vary radially like ( this link?

hi KCHOW thanks for your reply, just by seeing the attached link you will understand my problem.
I have the real fiber index difference vs radius data for single wavelength. In the link it converts into index vs radius data and then calculates the mode fields data.
I want in that way.
usually In Lumerical we take shapes and assigning width x,y,z and giving material, and you mentioned n,k material that also I am trying but I am not sure it works…
kindly tell me your opinion on this

with many many thanks

it took a quick look at the link and it feels like the first link I recommended is relevant if the fiber has a uniform cross-section along the propagation direction. We dont have an option to load the data you measure experimentally, but will require you to fit the data and describe it using an equation like the example.

If you have the index® data, I think it shouldnt be too hard to convert index(x,y). That way, you can load the data using the import spatial nk model.

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