How to load the file of a wavelength-dependent directional coupler in Interconnect?

I am a beginner in Interconnect.
In the lumerical example of optical filters , the wavelength dependence of directional coupler is not considered.

The coupling coefficient is set as a constant as shown in the figure below

However, we should take the wavelength dependency into consideration in the design of MZI-type filter.
How to set the coupling coefficient with different wavelengths?
I notice there is a "load from file " option, but I don’t know how to use.
Could someone help me solve the problem? Thank you very much.

Hi @baiyanfei,

You can do this by setting the “input parameter” to “table” and “load from file” to “true”. Then you can either directly define the wavelength dependent coupling coefficient in the “coupling coefficients 1” or load a text file which contains this information to the “measurement filename 1”.

I hope this could help. Let me know if you have any difficulties following the steps.

Thank you very much, I will take a try as you suggested.