How to install Lumerical without root access on Linux?

Custom installation or without root access on Linux

Product installation

  1. Download the product installation package for Linux from our Downloads page.
  2. Extract the RPM package: Here we are using FDTD Solutions.
tar -zxf Lumerical<version>.tar.gz
  1. Change directory to the location of the extracted RPM file.
cd Lumerical<version>/
cd rpm_install_files/
  1. Extract the files using rpm2cpio, creating the necessary sub-directories in the process.
rpm2cpio < Lumerical<version>.rpm | cpio -i -d
  1. Copy the extracted “lumerical/<version>” installation folder to your desired locaton.
    (here we are using the user’s home location and creating the “lumerical/2019b” folder, ie… ~/lumerical/2019b or /home/<user_name>/lumerical/2019b).
cp -R /opt/lumerical/2019b ~/lumerical/2019b
  1. Change directory to your new “~/lumerical/2019b/bin” folder.
cd ~/lumerical/2019b/bin
  1. Run FDTD.
./fdtd-solutions &


For runtime errors due to missing libraries or dependencies, these will have to be installed manually.


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