How to install FlexLM without root access on Linux?

Installation using non-root or regular user account on Linux.


  • Floating MAC locked license is required for FlexNet license manager installation.
  • FlexLM and the design software can be installed on the same or different Linux machines.

FlexNet license manager installation without root

  1. Download Lumerical’s FlexNet license manager for Linux from our Downloads page.
  2. Change directory to the location of the installation file and extract the rpm package:
    (using default: Downloads folder)
    cd ~/Downloads
    tar -zxf Lumerical_FlexLM-<version>.tar.gz
  3. Change directory to the extracted folder.
    cd Lumerical_FlexLM-<version>/   
  4. Extract the files from the RPM using rpm2cpio, creating the directories in the process.
    rpm2cpio < lumerical-flexlm-<verson>-1.x86_64.rpm | cpio -i -d
  5. Copy the extracted “lumerical-flexlm” installation folder to your desired locaton.
    (here we are using the user’s home location in the “lumflexlm” folder, ie… ~/lumflexlm).
    cp -R opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm ~/lumflexlm
  6. Change directory to the new lumflexlm folder.
    cd ~/lumflexlm
  7. Verify the FlexNet license manager installation by listing the files in this folder.
    ls -all
  8. Copy the license file provided by Lumerical to the lumflexlm/licenses/ folder.
    cp /<location_of_file>/licensefile.lic ~/lumflexlm/licenses
  9. Run the license manager, lmgrd, with the license file and create a log file, lumlmgrd.log.
    cd ~/lumflexlm/
    ./lmgrd -c ~/lumflexlm/licenses/<licensefile.lic> -log lumlmgrd.log
    If you have an existing license (or multiple license files) run lmgrd with the folder where the license files are stored, rather than a specific license filename.
    ./lmgrd -c ~/lumflexlm/licenses/ -log lumlmgrd.log
  10. Check the license manager status.
    ./lmutil lmstat -c ~/lumflexlm/licenses/ -a -i

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