how to increase the intensity of sunlight for solar cell simulations?


I need to generate the I-V curve of a solar cell for different intensity of incident sunlights, e.g.
1 sun: 100 mW/cm2
2 sun: 200 mW/cm2
3 suns:300 mW/cm2
I use the plane wave source of FDTD as a sunlight source, with amplitude of “1”.

As I found this is a normilized number, so I set the amlitude 2 for 2suns, and 3 for 3 suns
but there is no change in generation rate., and hence in Jsc and Voc in DEVICE simulator.

can anyone please help me ?

Hi. The solar generation rate analysis group is designed in a way so that it normalizes the source power out and calculates the generation rate for solar illumination. Changing the amplitude of the source has no effect on the output since it gets normalized.

If you want to get the solar cell figures of merit under different intensities of incident sunlight then you can easily model that in DEVICE. The import generation object has a properly caller “scale factor”. This scale factor can be used to scale the generation rate imported from FDTD. The default value of 1 used the generation rate calculated by FDTD for 1 sun. For 2 suns intensity the scale factor should simply be set to 2. Similarly for 100 sun make the scale factor 100 and so on.

Thanks a lot for your great help and replies

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