How to hide content in a specific language from your KX home page and weekly digests

After you logged into KX, by default you would see the latest updates in all available languages on the right panel of your KX home page. While our support team is active in all of these language categories, you might not need them all.

The good news is that you can modify your account settings to see only specific language(s) of interest. This is possible by muting the remaining languages(categories) so that they will be hidden from your home page. There are two ways to do this:

1) First approach is demonstrated below:

a) Select the language that you want to hide from left panel of KX home page.

b) Once you are directed into the category, then select the pull down menu, located below your profile picture.

c) By default, this category is set to Normal. You can change the settings by selecting Muted from the list. The pull down menu will get updated to the proper Muted icon.

If you go back to your KX homepage, the posts from selected category will be removed. You can return these settings back to default by setting it to Normal at any time.

2) Alternative approach:

a) Click on your profile picture and then click on preferences.

b) Once you have been directed into your account settings, scroll down and from Categories section, under Muted panel, find the language that you want to hide from home page feed list.

Tip: If you type any letter and empty the box by deleting it, the pull down menu will provide you with all the categories.

c) The language will be added to the section. Before leaving the page, make sure that you press Save Changes.


Thanks, I always get the Chinese posts on top. :smiley:

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Absolutely useful! Thanks

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Dear @yr_xu

Can you please clarify why id does not help you? You mean you can’t find the settings?


Has been solved. Thanks