How to get S parameters in EME?



I was trying to follow this example

But I got stuck at the step getting the transmission and reflection using the s parameters. I don’t know where in the software to click to get this.



Hi @mohamed_elsayeds,

After you bring up the ‘EME Analysis Window’, click on the ‘eme propagate’ button at the bottom and the ‘user s-matrix’ in the EME result (Result View window) is the s-parameter you want. This s-matrix here is the complex transmission, if you want the power transmission, you could simply square up this result. You could also use the ‘getresult’ command to read out tis data and do post processing.

getresult("EME", "user s-matrix");

I hope this could help :slight_smile:


Right click on EME at the objects tree, click visualize, a list appears, choose the S-matrix from the list