How to fix engine errors?

How to fix ‘engine error’ when running simulation or sweeps.

Check if your simulation has enough RAM installed to run your simulation job (FDTD simulations) as described from the article:

Then try the following:


  1. Make sure that the MPI framework you are using as your job lauching preset is installed.
  2. Otherwise If one or any of the 3 is not installed, please install manually:

Test and try to resolve the problem

  • Download this example file, paralleltest.fsp (280.8 KB)
  • Run the simulation by changing the job launching preset to whichever is installed:
    • Intel MPI on Windows only
    • or MPICH2
    • or Microsoft MPI
    • lastly run without MPI using Local Computer

On Windows:
When using MPICH 2 and prompted for authentication as shown here:

Works using a different MPI framework

On Windows:

  • uninstall the non-working MPI from your machine
  • if this is not installed, reboot your machine and install:

If the error persist on some projects and not to all projects.

  • check your simulation and make the necessary changes
  • check the user account access on the folder where the simulation file is stored
  • try to store/save the simulation to a local drive and folder. i.e. your Desktop
  • if you do not have enough RAM on your machine, run the simulation on a different computer or make changes to lower the RAM requirement for your project.

If the issue persists for all projects.

  • Try to perform a clean installation. Uninstall / remove the software and the MPI frameworks, the installation folders, preference.INI files from your machine. Reboot and install.
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