How to export poynting vector?


What is the poynting vector of the mode? And how to export the poynting vector?


Please refer this page.
As the page show, you can use ‘getdata’ to save Poynting vectors in your script file.
For example:

If you use matlab to draw your figure, you can save data in a mat form by ‘matlabsave’.
For example:
matlabsave(‘filename’, Px, Py, Pz, lambda);


Thank you!
While I’ve tried the script, the error as the picture below.


The monitor seems without data Pz…Did you check the Pz vector in your monitor before simulation?


The point is that is trying to get this on MODE solution.
I don’t know either how to get done directly. The pointing vector in not contained in FDE::data

surface_normal dimension f neff loss TE polarization fraction waveguide TE/TM fraction x y
z Ex Ey Ez Hx Hy Hz Z0

If you would like to use the script, I think it should be calculated using the H and E vectors.

However, it can be extracted from GUI. Just send the P vector to the script workspace and then save it to matlab matrix as you wish.


Thank you!