How to enable mobility model

Dear community,
I am new to lumerical.
I try to enable Masetti model for my device simulation.
According to the result in below, it seems that the mobility is not doping dependent, which is not consistent with the model.
Is there anything I can try to make it right?
Thank you.

Meng Chin

Hi @r05941061, currently there is an issue with the material database visualizer that prevents the mobility to be viewed properly. However the model does get applied properly internally. You can check this by looking at the “mobility” dataset which is available as a result of the CHARGE solver region. You will notice that the electron and hole mobility is varying as a function of doping density at different regions.

I have reported this issue to the development team and hopefully it will get fixed very soon. In the meantime I hope you will able to use the “mobility” dataset to check if the model is working or not.

Dear sir,
I’ve checked the result of CHARGE, but the mobility seems to be a constant in the structure. By the way, my simulation should be p-i-n structure. The attached file is the result of CHARGE. Thank you.

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Hi @r05941061, can you check what your doping profile looks like. Also, please double check if the doping dependent mobility model is turned on (just in case). To test the model, I created a simple pin structure (test_pin.ldev (5.9 MB)
) and checked the mobility value. Please see the screenshot below:

You can see that the mobility is high in the low doped region (center) and has a very low value in the heavily doped p and n regions.

A final thing to check would be the version of your DEVICE. If you are not using the latest version then I would recommend upgrading to the latest version just to make sure it is not due to some old issue that has been resolved in a newer version. You can get the installer for the latest version here:

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