How to draw a 3D structure which is semicircular and cross section is triangle

Define a orbit and the cross section is triangle, if we can use code to draw this ?

Hi, Guo

Although, I can’t get the specific kind of structure you need to draw, but I think you can try to define it via equations. Go to Structures->Custom. In the Custom tab set “make nonsymmetric” and write down corresponding equations.


Do you have any kind of example for structure corresponding equations?


here are some examples:
Structures - Custom (Optical)
Structures - Surface (Optical)
Structures - Waveguide
Silicon with moth-eye antireflection coatings

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Hi @d04222016
I think the structure you mentioned can be more easily constructed using a planarsolid object. We have a very nice post about the use of planarsolid for creating complex structures.

I created a script file (4098_arc_triangle.lsf ) for an arc with a triangular cross section.

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Thanks, I also draw the sample structures,now.

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