How to define a complex medium in Lumerical?

Hi to all,

I want to define a material in Lumerical. My material composed of 3*3 matrices (epsilon, mue, and zitta). Matrices are non diagonal. Elements of my matrices are complex numbers.

The related figures are attached. photo_2017-11-09_01-21-05photo_2017-11-09_09-25-27

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I think you can refer the website below.
Direct link:

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Dear thanks for your kind response.
My material has three matrices (not only epsilon). I want to define my material with 3 matrices of mue, epsilon, and zitta. Are there related files (.mdf file of it), that could be replaced in with my intended parameters?

Thank you.

Dear @ifariborz

If this is a bi-isotropic material, unfortunately we do not have such a material plug in.

How to define a “bi-anisotropic” material in Lumerical FDTD?


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Dear @bkhanaliloo thank you for your response.