How to correctly calculate Flux?

FluxFieldTestPlaneSource.fsp (422.6 KB)

I have posted this already in the last hour, but it’s been hidden by a spam filter, so I am posting here again. I am trying to learn how to do some very basic things in Lumerical.
I have placed a plane wave source of 30fs pulse length, 1.2micron wavelength, 200nm width in an air slab, the source emits in the position z direction. then I put a monitor above the source that records the output power in XY plane. there are two issues:

  1. Right clicking the monitor sometimes doesn’t give me the visualize menu
  2. The power spectrum is a straight line,

Can anyone give me advice please?




  1. This is because you had the “simulation type” in the monitor set to something else other than “All”. By setting this to all, you dont have to worry about the type of the data recorded and now it is able to return some data.

  2. The power spectrum is supposed to be a flat line because the transmission command by default normalizes the recorded integration of poynting vector to the sourcepower (240.3 KB) command. You can revert the normalize by multiplying the transmission data by the sourcepower, if you want.

  3. You had PML on the sides while using a plane wave source, this is going to be suffered from the edge effects.


I have also re-set some of the unnecessarily non-default (or advanced) settings back to default, such as, auto shutoff options.