How to Change the Properties of the meta_material Model from the StructureGroup?


I am working on the metamaterial online tutorial example ( and would like to make changes to the structures but could not.

May I know is there a way to make changes to the metamaterial structures such as dimensions of the structure and material or dielectric constant of the substrate?

Is there a way to coupled FDTD and DEVICE simulations in order to apply modulation to the structure as in Chen’s paper (H.-T. Chen et al., “Active terahertz metamaterial devices”, Nature 444, 597-600, 2006) which this tutorial example is based on?

Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward earnestly to your advice.

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Hi, @chengguanlim,

The structure itself is defined in the script, which can be viewed by selecting Edit -> Script of the meta_material.
This way, you can customize the structure.Here are details you might be interesting in:

As for coupling FDTD and DEVICE, they can interact with one another via export/import (

If you have further questions, please ask in this post.


Hi @chengguanlim
To make changes to the structure is very simple. I opened the example “negative_index_chen.fsp” and follow the instructions
1)Right click on “model” and then click “Edit Object”
2)The “Edit analysis group” window is opened. Click on tab “Setup” and then click tab “Script”
3)Change the values of “ax” and “ay” as you want and in the end click OK

With this way you can change the dimensions.

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