How to change the number of ports for an Optical N Port S-Parameter element?



I want to make a 1x8 AWG by using Optical N Port S-Parameter element. But I cannot change the number of ports of the s-parameter element. I cannot find this setting in the property window. Anybody know how to solve this problem?

Here is my s-parameter file awg_1x8.txt (484.8 KB). Also, could I make a one port s-parameter element? For example a terminal with only an input port?


Hi @ahan

Thank you for your post. You actually don’t need to set for the ports for the Optical N Port S-Parameter element, the ports will be automatically set according to the s-parameter files you load into it. You just need to change the “load from file” to “true” and load the file to it. Please check out the example file:
optical_n_port_s_parameter.icp (304.5 KB)

The file also includes an Optical N Port S-Parameter terminal example. The working principle is the same, if you define only the transmission/reflection for one port, the element will only have one port after you load the file.

I hope this could help :slightly_smiling: