How to calculate the spatial distribuition of a Purcell factor?


I want to calculate a Purcell factor distribution (P_x,P_y,P_z,f) in the grid points as following image.

In the Green’s function example in the KX webpage, the matrix size of the simulated Purcell factor is (num_freq,1) where the num_freq is the number of the frequency points. It only contains a 1D result; the calculated Purcell factor is a function of z-axis. How I can get the 3D spatial field distribution of the Purcell factor in the FDTD simulation?

Here I attached the reference article.
Rose et al. - 2014 - Control of Radiative Processes Using Tunable Plasm.pdf (3.9 MB)

Thanks in advance.

Since the Purcell factor can be obtain by using the dipolepower(f)/sourcepower(f) as described on the following page:

I think you could obtain a spatial mapping of the Purcell factor by sweeping the position of the dipole and using the dipolepower(f)/sourcepower(f) calculation for each position.

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