How to calculate absorption enhancement?


Hello, I’ve performed optical simulations of a plasmonic solar cell. I’ve already studied “Plasmonic solar cell at normal and oblique incidence” in knowledge base section and is very helpful. Now, i want to plot the absorption enhancement w.r.t wavelength. In “solar_plasmonic_normal_qe.lsf” the script command lines,

g_silver100=pinch(absp_metal(1:nf,1,1))/absp_bare(1:nf); # for silver sphere
g_gold100=pinch(absp_metal(1:nf,1,2))/absp_bare(1:nf); # for gold sphere

are not clear, why 1 is used for silver and 2 for gold?
May i have an explanation?
Thanks in advance

Abnormal variation in absorption data in a plasmonic solar cell

This is because, when we do the sweep, the Ag result is in the 1st however Au is in the second. that said,
absp_metal(1:nf,1:2,1) are the absorption of Ag material, in broadband (the first dimension of the matrix, f(1)~f(nf)), two radii (the second dimension, r(1),r(2)), and
absp_metal(1:nf,1:2,2) records the Au results, similarly.

I hope this will clarify the confusion.