How to build mode (de)multiplexer compact model in INTERCONNECT

I want to do some transmission simulation related to mode division multiplexing (MDM) in INTERCONNECT. But I can’t find any mode (de)MUX model in INTERCONNECT. Is there anyone know how to build such model? Thanks.

Hi @lih076,

We don’t have any available example on MDM right now. I think the right approach is to use the “MultiMode CW Laser” to excite the multi-mode light source, then use a few mode sensitive couplers to couple out each of the modes, modulate them and use a coupler to couple them back to the MultiMode Fiber/waveguide. The challenge now is that we don’t have a mode sensitive coupler in the element library in INTERCONNECT. You will have to design this kind of coupler in FDTD and then export the s-parameter to INTERCONNECT.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any further questions on this topic, I’d love to work with you to come up with an application example on this.

I think the critical point is to build an on-chip multimode converter in INTERCONNECT. For a planar waveguide platform such as SOI, a multimode converter can simultaneously convert input TE0 modes to TE1, TE2,…modes to single output multimode waveguide. If we have this device, all problems will be solved. Any idea?

Hi @lih076,

Read my mind. The multimode converter is what I meant the “coupler” in the previous post. This kind of element is not available in INTERCONNECT library right now, but you can either simulate one in FDTD and export its s-parameter to INTERCONNECT, or build a simple toy model using the Optical N Port S Parameter element in INTERCONNECT. If you can find some experimental data or measurement data online, we could also translate it into s-parameter files and use it directly.

To build a toy model is relatively simple, while it doesn’t fully capture the physical behavior of the converter. Let me know which approach you want to take and we can work on it together :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kindly reply.
I have tried to use Optical N Port S Parameter element as your suggestion. I think it is enough for my case. Thanks again.

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