How to apply constant doping to a material layer?


Thanks, @aalam for all the previous help.

I am trying to define P3HT material in Device. I have found the values of mobility and band gap. The file is attached. The layers defined are P3HT, PEDOT:PSS and ITO. I have found the values for constant doping in PEDOT:PSS and ITO from the manufacturers. Can you help as to how we can define the value for constant doping in the P3HT layer.

Also, how can we define the values of diffusion doping in the ITO and PEDOT:PSS layer?

The file is attached.P3HT.ldev (6.8 MB)

Hi @Arastu. Since all your layers are separated I believe doping them should be quite simple. To create a constant doping in a layer (P3HT) you can simply place a constant doping object over it and set the doping value.

For the diffusion doping part please take a look at this post that talks about the diffusion doping object: What is the meaning of the different parameters of the diffusion doping object?.

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I think I didn’t phrase the question right. I wanted to ask, since what I am trying to do is to make a solar cell, how can I find the value that I should use to define the diffusion doping at the metal contacts. As diffusion doping is not a manufacturer defined doping, what method or formula or approximation can be used to calculate the value of diffusion doping at both the contacts?

Hi @Arastu, I think the best thing to do here would be to look at existing literature on similar solar cells and see what values people use for doping the contacts. Once you have some values for the doping densities you can set the “concentration” parameter to that value. The ref. concentration value can simply be set to some small value (lower than the background concentration). If you just want to get started with some reasonable value then simply set the doping to some large number like 1e19/cm^3.

Another thing that I noticed in your file is that the material properties for all the semiconductor are basically for the default silicon material with only the work function varying. Since you mentioned that you have the values for mobility and bandgap I am guessing that this is intentional and that you will update these values later.

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Hi @aalam,

Thanks for the help the last time. I have defined all the materials in the Device file and have imported the generation file from the FDTD. I am unable to understand the error I am getting. The end goal is to get a IV curve and resistance in this design with and without the introduction of grating.

It would be great of you could look at the files and help.

The following is the error I am getting:

The FDTD and DEVICE files are attached:
solar_planer1.fsp (664.0 KB)

Hi Aratsu, it looks like that the semiconductors that you have created are not defined properly, for example no conduction valley has been chosen and the recombination lifetime is set to zero. Please take a look at these KX posts to learn about the things to check while creating a new semiconductor material in DEVICE.

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