How to analyze or predict polarization (nature) rotation using output monitors in Interconnect



I have designed an MRR, where I used ONA for output nature prediction.
I have applied X mode from ONA then a splitter is used for X and Y mode and then I combine X and Y, for input in MRR, then my question is-

  1. I want to check in output that, what I am getting X or Y mode (TE or TM)? How I can judge whether TE or TM is obtained at output ports. please solve 1.icp (1.0 MB)
    my query


Hi @jayantarakshit.eie,

Sorry for the late reply. The mode measured by the ONA follows the mode label of its directly connected element. For example in your attached file, the ONA input 1 is connected to the Waveguide Coupler 1 “port 3”. Then the mode label measured by the ONA input 1 follows the mode definition in Waveguide Coupler 1, e.g., “Mode 1” stands for TE and “Mode 2” stands for TM.

Hope this could help.


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