How to add multiple resources ?

Can anybody tell, how to add multiple computer for increasing the efficiency of the system. We have two high performance system with 24 cpu and 36 CPU, we would like to utilized both of them simultaneously. I tried to use it by adding the IP address, but its shows error in test. Please see attachment.

Also would love to know, how to add multiple jobs automatically, so the system will itself do simulation of selected files. How to add them in one after another ?

Hi @visvas
You want to add workstations in your local network and distribute jobs. You have to follow some steps. In Lumerical’s knowledge base you can find the instructions. First of all, you have to configure the simulation engine so you can run jobs on other computers within your local area network. Please read carefully the instructions :
After that, you have to do resource configuration :
And finally, here you can find how to distribute jobs across several computers :

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I am getting this error. Please see attachment. Ping test passed than this error occurs.

Hi @visvas
I would recommend you to contact with Lumerical’s support center.