how can i make the plotted curves smoother?

New1.fsp (2.2 MB)
I am working on this plasmonic solar cell with nanoparticles where the reflectence and transmitence curve is not smooth enough. how can i make it smoother? and also i used a parameter sweep named ‘polarization’, and plotted Jsc, pabs, pabs_total and generation rate G. what change can i make to make the curves of polarization sweep curves smoother?

Hi @mrinmoy
I open your file and i noticed that your reflectance and transmission plots have lambda from 0.2[μm] to 1.1[μm]. Are you sure that it is the wavelength bandwidth that you want? I mean that it is too short. Also, i would recommend you to increase the simulation time from 1000fs to 4000fs.

dear @konslekk
i need the solar spectrum wavelength for my work. i noticed in different papers and also in different example files in lumerical that they used wavelength from 0.3 to 1.1um. that is why i used that spectrum. can you please tell me why you think i should increase the spectrum?

Hi @mrinmoy,

As @konslekk mentioned, the simulation doesn’t run long enough, you should increase the simulation time:

You should let it run long enough to reach the auto-shut off criteria.

Regarding the smoothness of the plots, by default, the monitors only record 5 frequency/wavelength point. You can change this globally (for all monitors) by changing the “Monitors global properties”:

And change the value of “frequency points”. Note that will increase the size of the simulation file as it will contain more data.
You can also change this setting individually, for the monitors you want. In the monitor properties (“General” tab), check the “Override global monitor settings” and set “frequency points”).

I hope this helps!

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