how can I import the imaginary reflective index in the chi3 material?


I work on nonlinear materials and I use chi3.
I have a big problem, I want to count absorption but there is not imaginary reflective index in the chi3 materials.
How can I import the imaginary reflective index? should I change the code of chi3? How?
return V/(U+chi1[axis]+chi2[axis]*E+chi3[axis]EE);
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I think the simplest method to include loss is to specify the base material when you add a new Chi3/Chi2 material. This would allow you to avoid having to change the material plugin code. The base material can be selected from a drop-down menu as shown below:

You can select any material from the material database, so you can first add a new material with the desired imaginary part of the refractive index and use that as the base material. The nonlinear effects will then be added onto the base material.

For example, the harmonic generation example in the following link shows the harmonic generation in the case where the base material is lossless and the case where the a silicon material with loss is used as the base material:

I hope this helps!


Your answer is so useful and I am really grateful.