How can I get absorption of each material?


I want to know absorption of each material.

for example, there is some structure.

Please let me know.
thank you.


Dear @jaesunglee

Assuming that these material have different permittivity, you can filter absorbed power for each specific material. We have an application example in KB that explains how you can calculate absorbed power for each specific material in a multi-material geometry:

Please take a look and let me know if you had further questions.



Of course, It has the same permittivity because it is same material.
So that link is not helpful. TT


Dear @jaesunglee

I see. I think I have an idea how you can find Pabs at different layers of silicon material.

Lets say that you have Pabs as a function of (x,y) and you also know the vertices of each Si layer. Then, You can use inpoly command to filter Pabs for any position that is outside the polygon (each Si layer). You can repeat these calculations to calculate absorption for any geometry/shape.

One thing to bear in mind is that x and y for inpoly command has to be vectors. If they are matrices. you can use reshape command to return x and y as vector arrays.

I hope this was helpful.