how can I export my data from lumerical to excel?


I work on optical bistability and draw a plot such as this:

How can I export the data of this plot to excel? Is there any script to do this work?


Sol 1: If you are plotting this from the visualizer then you can use the “Export to” option to save the data in a text file. The values will be saved as comma separated values and the different curves will be saved one below the other. You can then open the text file in excel and use the wizard to identify the columns separated by comma.

Sol 2: If you are plotting this from the script then you already have the data saved in different variables. All you need to do is to save them in a text file and then open the file in excel in a similar manner. To learn how you can save data in a text file from Lumerical’s script take a look at this KB page: write. Note that you will have to combine the independent and the dependent variables in a single matrix to save them in one file easily.


To learn about other export options visit this KB page: data export.