hexagonal group

I want to create a design a group of hexagonal nanowire as obtained in the picture
kindly could you show me how to create it

There are ‘hexagonal lattice PC array’ componpents In FDTD soutions, maybe you can import it, and replace the circle with your desired structure by changing the script.

And the hexagonal nanowire can be defined by adding polygon, or inset the following componpent.

You can also import the exact structure by importing the structure as an STL file.

Here are instructions for importing STL files into Lumerical,


Another way is to use the Planar solid structure to create this type of structure using Lumerical’s scripting language (https://kb.lumerical.com/en/index.html?ref_sim_obj_structures_-_planar_solid.html). Or, you could refer to this page to construct the structure you want using multiple polygons (https://kb.lumerical.com/en/index.html?ref_sim_obj_creating_a_contour.html).

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