Hardware/CPU recommendations for FDTD and DEVICE

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My supervisor wants to buy a new computer to run FDTD and DEVICE simulations and we were wondering which would be the best CPU to run these simulations as fast as possible in terms of cores and memory bus speed. Specially the last issue as I read in some threats that is really important to speed up the simulations. Thank you very much.


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We have the following article below as reference.

We do not endorse or recommend a specific brand or model but the important aspect to consider is the “Max Memory Bandwidth” supported between the CPU and RAM while using the fastest supported RAM.

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I @lyap had provided an excellent guide. I run my simulations on an iMac with a quad core with 32 GB memory. One can also run Lumerical on clusters and cloud services.

You can also run Lumerical on Amazon Web Services, if you are into that kind of stuff. It will allow you to test out the hardware requirements before you commit to anything really expensive. Plus, if you are from academic institute, you can apply for their AWS educate program with which one gets free credit to run calculations.


Also, here is the lumerical database article on running simulations on AWS.


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