Group index in fibers

Can I get group index in fiber for a single wavelength? I am using * step_index_fiber.lms. How to get rid of group index for this file?

Hello @sudipkc,

The group index is calculated automatically for each mode when the modes are found. You can see them in the Eigensolver Analysis window results:

If you are using an older version of our software you may have to update your software to see this column.

Hi @kjohnson

Thanks for your response. I wanted to know how this group index is being calculated at a single frequency as it requires more than one frequency value.

Hello @sudipkc,

I’m not sure of the exact calculation used, but this is discussed in the topic New automated group index calculation in eigenmode solver of MODE Solutions . From this topic:

Thanks a lot @kjohnson

You’re welcome @sudipkc!

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