Grating.lms in the MODE\Examples folder



I saw the example of grating.lms file under the Mode solution.

Is there any description file or weblink that describe the design setup, simulation approach, and analysis of the result for the grating.lms application?

Thank you.


Hi @sharizal.alias

Can you please provide the link for the application example?

Generally all the links are provided in the application example page and you may find extra resources by searching on KX. Please also review the link below regarding our policy on how to write an effective KX post:
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Thank you for replying.

The grating.lms is by default given in the MODE examples folder after the installation.

I tried to search for the example application page/description in the KX, however, so far I could not find any explanation file.

Also, thanks for the guideline of posting given.


Hi @sharizal.alias

Do you mean from structure group?

or it was a simulation file? Maybe you can share the file with me.

Please visit the link blow that discusses different grating structure and their applications:

I hope this was helpful.


Thanks for the reply…the examples given in your link is from the FDTD examples.

The one that I asked is from the MODE example, here is the file.

Thank you.grating.lms (350.7 KB)


Hi @sharizal.alias

I guess I finally found where you are referring at. These files are under …\Lumerical\MODE\examples folders.
These files were originally shipped with the product as getting started example, however we do not update those files any more. It makes more sense to actually remove those files, and thank you bring this into our attention.

If you are interested in getting started examples, please visit the link below:

For varFDTD , we have ring resonator example:

Hope this was helpful.



Actually my device will be similar with this example. Could you give any past description file regarding this example…like literature ref, device structure, simulation setup and analysis of the results?

Appreciate if you could provide the above info…thanks.


Hi @sharizal.alias

Unfortunately I do not have much further information about those files (I checked older KB pages but did not find anything useful). You can prepare your simulation file and update me if you had any problem with your simulation file. You may also find some useful links by searching KB or KX.