Grating bend example

Attached is an example of how to create a grating bend. This structure group can be useful for grating rings. If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know.
SWG Bend.fsp (236.1 KB)

I think of expanding its functionality to have a more generic shape instead of rectangles as in the attached paper. Let me know if this is useful.
Engineered low loss grating waveguide.pdf (809.7 KB)


I could be wrong since I did not spend a lot of time studying the paper. but it looks like they have a theory to represent the bent SWG by using a straight waveguide with a custom index profile, fig 1. In this case, it should allow you to define the index profile and use the FDE solver in MODE Solutions for some handy calculation for dispersion, loss, etc. This example should have some relevant information if you know the equation for the index profile.

Since the radius is only 5 um, it might be possible to run a full 3D FDTD simulation but obviously it will not be super computationally efficient. I am not sure if they have a theory for the trapezoidal pillars, the FDE solver might be also useful if they do.

Nice work on the structure group by the way!